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Businesses and non-profits use Onetius for internal education, recruitment and public teaching

Bringing the world’s knowledge to one place.

The place where anyone can teach and learn from others. On any topic. The platform with the best tools on the Internet for knowledge sharing and online education.

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Know the value of what is taught and who is teaching.

Create the world's most interactive lessons

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  • Video and audio

    Add video lessons to reach a wider audience. You can even combine audio, video and written content for maximum impact.

  • Embed content

    Augment your lessons by embedding existing content from other sources online, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Scribd, and many others.

  • Micro exams

    Test your followers after each lesson by asking them quick questions. Evaluate what they have learned and how well they know it before sharing more content.

  • Detailed analytics

    Know your audience through use of analytics. Interact with your followers and use their feedback to improve your own performance.

Powerful platform for learning & teaching

  • Interactive lessons

    Add multimedia to your lessons. Embed anything from the Internet. Any youtube video, scribd document, book. Anything.

  • Advanced analytics

    See how many people your lessons reach and understand the impact of your teaching. Track who reads your posts and understand how your followers respond to your courses.

  • Adaptive learning

    Get recommended lessons based on your current knowledge.

  • Micro exams

    Test the knowledge of your followers with one quick question after each lesson. Get a sense of how your audience thinks.

  • Monetize courses

    Work as a professional teacher on Onetius. Build a perfect learning environment and earn from your contributions. Grow your brand and empower others with the right information.

  • Request a lesson

    Learning and teaching is an infinite process of exchanging information. Pay attention to what your followers want to learn from you.

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